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Delicious plugin for Google Quick Search Box

Update 6-12-2009: The latest version of this plugin for the latest QSB version is here.

So, a week or two ago Google released a new project - Quick Search Box. Seems to be the new Quicksilver. The early builds seemed nice, if a bit crashy. I am by no means a Quicksilver power user, but I did use the Delicious plugin for quick access to my bookmarks.

Quick Search Box doesn’t support Delicious (yet), so I thought I could kill a hand-full of birds with one stone:

  1. Learn some Objective-C.
  2. Finally make some sort of ‘open-source’ contribution.
  3. Make something useful for myself.

All of that to say - I’ve written a plugin for Quick Search Box to add Delicious support. The code is on Github. I’m still an Xcode newbie and could not figure out how to create a working Xcode project separate from the main QSB distribution, so you are kind of on your own for compiling it at this point. Or, just grab the prebuilt plugin.

Installation instructions are included in the zip.

A few caveats:

  1. At this time QSB doesn’t support ‘accounts’ other than Google accounts, so this plugin currently needs a hackish “put your delicious user info in a separate file and copy it to the right spot” workaround.
  2. The code isn’t very robust at this point. It won’t do well, for example, if Delicious returns unexpected data in a response.

But, it works. Woohoo.